Network Design & Protection

Connecting your workstations and employees through a comprehensive network design & management program.

Whether it be one computer or 100, Bit Perfection’s network design services will keep everything connected and running correctly.

Our services begin with a comprehensive analysis and recommendations of your current network, the age of your hardware, operating systems, data backup and storage, and security protocol. Then, we provide technical support when needed, both in-person and remotely and continue to recommend ways to improve your business’s IT Network.

As an ongoing network management provider, Bit Perfection closely monitors your computers and network and performs updates, patches, and installs new security software. In addition, we can make recommendations on how to rotate out old computers and servers with minimal disruption.

With network design services, you enjoy knowing we monitor your computer system and your network 24X7. And, if a problem occurs, we notify you immediately and address the issue because we proactively monitor your network which minimizes downtime and daily issues, keeping your employees productive and your business on track. As a result, you get to focus on what’s important — growing your business.

We keep you connected.

Staying connected to your network (and the Internet) is critical for businesses. Because, there is nothing more frustrating than slow connections, spotty coverage, or dead zones in your office. At Bit Perfection, we can help create a cost-effective and reliable wireless network solution for your business.

Are you still using ethernet cabling? If so, we can convert your business over to a wireless network — creating the flexibility and scalability needed in today’s fluid workspaces. Contact us today to learn more about creating a comprehensive wireless network for your business.

Network design & management and remote employees.

A large part of today’s workforce works remotely (from home). As a result, this creates a new variable for network management and security. Bit Perfection can help your remote employees remain connected and secure. We offer:

  • Installation of VPN connections
  • Security protocols for remote access
  • Implementing firewalls and anti-virus tools
  • Remote support for workers
  • Remote data backup and storage services
Information Technology Services Network Design

Additional Networking Services

  • Maintaining firewalls, switches & WiFi
  • Scalable network design that will grow with your small business
  • Ethernet and wireless network configurations
  • Connecting new workstations and laptops with your network
  • 24 X 7 network monitoring and support
  • Firewall optimization and network security 

Call us today for consultation on how Bit Perfection can help with your Technology Strategy.