February Industry Tech Articles

Here’s my compilation of industry technology articles for February.

There’s a lot of movement in the technology industry over the last month. Here are a few articles the piqued my curiosity. Each month, I’ll compile my favorite tech articles and share them with you. If you have topics you want me to include, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to include them in my research and compiling of articles.

Microsoft to alert Office 365 users of nation-state hacking activity.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center and Microsoft security teams will soon start notifying Office 365 users of nation-state hacking activity is detected within the Microsoft Defender security product. Microsoft has been tracking, warning of and disrupting state-sponsored hacking operations originating from Russia, Iran and China for years, but have been typically done without much public notice. In warning uses, this is a new public face of notifications which will help educate and improve user awareness of such activities.

Managed IT Services are set to dominate in 2021

According to the Data#3 report, Future in Focus, managed IT services are set to explode in 2021. As businesses of all sizes realize that IT is best served as a team based approach, many firms are coming to the realization that an internal handful of IT professionals may not be up to the task of managing IT services. Expertise from many disciplines are needed and a team bases approach from professional managed services firms may be the most effective and cost efficient method of deploying IT services in an organization from local SMBs to enteprise-level companies.

SonicWall Breached via Zero-Day Flaw in Remote Access Tools

In January, hackers compromised SonicWall’s NetExtender VPN client and SMB-oriented Secure MOivle Access 100 series product which is a popular choice for companies to provide employees and users with remote access to internal resources. The company disclosed the breach and outlined a set of solutions for mitigating the flaw.

3 reasons why customer-focused enterprises should trust MFA

As a strong believe in multi-factor authentication, businesses should trust MFA, even in customer-focused enterprises (where barriers to customer-focused objectives are often seen as impediments). Cyberattacks have grown significantly over the last decade and consumers are increasingly amicable to enhanced security protocols such as MFA. And, according to Microsoft, organizations that use MFA are 99.9% less likely to experience a breach than organization who do not.

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