March Industry Tech Articles

Here’s my compilation of industry technology articles for March.

There’s a lot of movement in the technology industry over the last month. Here are a few articles the piqued my curiosity. Each month, I’ll compile my favorite tech articles and share them with you. If you have topics you want me to include, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to include them in my research and compiling of articles.

New Credential-stealing Malware

Researchers at Proofpoint have discovered a new malware strain – named CooperStealer – capable of stealing user credentials from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and other online services.

Top Brands Impersonated for Phishing

According to security firm Vade Secure, Microsoft is still the most impersonated brand for phishing campaigns. The security firm spotted 30,621 unique Microsoft-related phishing URLs in 2020. The researchers note that “[a] single unique phishing URL could be used in hundreds or even thousands of phishing emails.” Facebook was second on the list followed by PayPal, Chase and Ebay.

The Worst Case Scenario Happened

How bad can technology breakdowns be? This thread from Reddit “The absolute worst case scenario happened, what should we do now?” detailed what could be a business-ending technology failure by a managed services provider. The name isn’t given, but the failure to build, integrate and maintain a technology roadmap is having disasterous ramification for this unnamed company (although, the original poster did indicate it wasn’t USA-based). If you read through the comments, the problem had been identified for years, but no money was ever allocated to fix or improve the situation.

The Cloud isn’t more secure than On-Premise.

Michael Dell, in an interview with CRN said “Public cloud is no more or less secured than on-premises. The reason is that security is about people, and people on both sides can make mistakes and compromise security.” BitPerfection agrees and that is why we provide the best possible scenarios for our clients, whether it is a cloud-based solution or an on-premisise solution. Cloud services are convenient, but they still take the same level of detail to secure and maintain.

As always, if you are looking to future-proof your network infrastructure or simply auditing your data backup and recovery systems, Bit Perfection is available for a IT security consultation to ensure you system integrity. Contact Caden at BitPerfection today.